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The Versatile Blogger Award

“The Versatile Blogger Award is an award by bloggers to fellow bloggers for their unique content.”

Thank you, Chocoviv ( for your nomination in this award. I feel honored that you’d include me.

She is a #beautyblogger #foodie #fashion #lifestyleblogger #mommyblogger #travel #freelancewriter who writes everything from lifestyle blogs to reviews. Check her out at both her Twitter and blog and give her all your love and support.

Rules of the Versatile Award

1. Write a post about your nomination and display the logo on your site. Thank the person who nominated you on your post and provide a link to their blog.

2. Write seven facts about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

So, let’s get into it!

 7 Facts about Dogwood Dreamer/Sarah N. Ham

Fact 1: I’ve Written 20 Novels, 6 which are now published

I’ve wanted to be an author since the age of 10 when we had an author presenter at our school. After hearing this man talk about all the struggle and hard work he had to go through to become a published author, somehow that translated into my 10-year-old brain, I wanna do that, too. Go figure… but I wouldn’t change it for the world, because writing has given me an escape and comfort in both good times and bad. I think it’s one of the strengths God has given me, and I’ll always enjoy it, regardless if I’m ever a best-seller or not.

Fact 2: I am a Christian

This is something I will never hide. I am a Christian and will always love and be thankful of my God and Savior because I never deserved such grace, but He still gave it to me. I thank Him for every day of breath and all the blessings He has given me.

Fact 3: I live with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

This is just a fancy way of saying I have split personalities. Currently, I’ve only dealt with the last one in recent years, Nikki, but at one time I had two others, Xena and Rin. I don’t have to rely on them as much as before, but when I first learned about them in middle school, they were coming out anywhere from daily to hourly. I used to be scared of them, thinking I was a freak, but now, I am strong in it and know that everything is going to be okay.

Fact 4: I’m a Thrifty Money-Conscious Gal

I don’t like to spend more than I have to on anything. My prom dress was $1.00 from a thrift store, my wedding dress was $150 from eBay. I made my own veils, my bridesmaids’ jewelry and hair accessories, the wedding decor, and more. My whole wedding I planned in California for less than $10,000 including the honeymoon will 100 guests. I just want to be a good steward with the money God has blessed me with.

Fact 5: I am Married to the Love of My Life

I met my husband back in 2007 on Halloween night, the same day my braces were put in. What an evil orthodontist! Yet somehow, he found Ms. Sore Mouth over there sucking on Hershey’s bars (out of revenge to said orthodontist) cute. We started dating in 2011, made it through three-and-a-half years of a long distance relationship, and finally married in December of 2016. He is so patient and supportive of all that I do, and I love how godly of a man he has always been.

Fact 6: I Love Cats

Pictured above is my old cat, Cypress, that I had for twelve years. I love cats and have been around them since I was a child. They are so stubborn at times but so cute. Right now I have two dogs with my husband and family, but someday I want to have a cat again, preferably a black cat or tabby from a rescue since they are the least likely to be adopted.

Fact 7: The Inspiration for My Very First Stories as a Catapiller Stuffed Animal by Aurora/Sharon Lea Larsen

Like I said, I started writing stories at the age of 10, starting with a collection of short stories (45 in total) from 2005-2007 that were thanks to a stuffed animal butterfly cat that I named Elizabeth Helen (after Emily Elizabeth from Clifford the Big Red Dog). I went on to entitle them The Adventures of Elizabeth Helen, and someday, I hope to rewrite them and publish them in a children’s short story collection book. I still have the stuffed animal to this day, by the way.

So, there you have it Seven Facts about Me.

Nomination Time!

Show them all some love and support, and thank you again!


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