Trying to Self-Publish

So, I’ve been trying to get my manuscripts of the last 20 novels I’ve written (more specifically at the moment the first series of books I ever wrote, four in total) ready to potentially self-publish on Amazon. I wish I had the money to invest in editors, proofreaders, and cover artists, but at the moment, I don’t. So, I’m trying to do the majority of it, myself. Does anyone have any tips or stories on things I should be aware of or look out for? It would be very helpful for me before I go too in-depth with this, since I want to produce the best work I can given the little resources I have.

Here’s the covers and book synopsis I have currently made myself for the three of the four books. They aren’t amazing, I know, so any constructive criticism is appreciated. I went with photography options for now. I wish I could draw more seamlessly with my drawing tablet to draw the artwork instead, but it just doesn’t look professional enough to be anything I would try to sell. Anyway, if anyone has any advice, I’d greatly appreciate it.

The first Novel

Finally 2gether– Azura Henderson was your average 11 year-old when she went to a birthday party that would change her life forever. One bottle of wine in the hands of her 14 year-old best friend, and both teens are met with the terrifying reality of his actions, when Azura finds herself pregnant with triplets.

Deciding to honor God the best she can, she selflessly chooses to keep the children and forgive her friend rather than have him arrested. However, life refuses to give her a break as she faces one hardship after another.

Only by her hope in God and meeting an old face from her past, can she grow to overcome her scars, find joy in God’s purpose for her life, and find love in the most unexpected of ways.

The Second Novel

4ever a Father– Taking place eleven years after Finally 2gether, this sequel tells the story of Seth Henderson, one of Azura’s triplets, now a teenager himself and trying to get through high school. He finally thinks his life is going pretty well when he finds that his childhood crush, Farah, might feel the same as him. However, skeletons from both their past seem to want to infer with that. Seth finds himself battling to come to grips with forgiving his absentee father when he suddenly resurfaces in his life, and Farah encounters a young man who blames her for the poor childhood he was handed when his father was incarcerated for abducting Farah as a child.

Can Seth protect Farah from whatever Jeremy’s planning, or will he find himself unintentionally tangled in the web of Jeremy’s schemes as well? Can he find a way to overcome his hatred for his father, or will it require taking a step in the man’s shoes to finally forgive him?

The Third Novel

F8 of a Family– Taking place 17 years after 4ever a Father, Hope Henderson is a Deaf girl who wants nothing more than to graduate from her parents’ alma mater, a traditional high school, but can she handle the prejudices and bullying of classmates around her as they try to scare her back to the School for the Deaf? Then, she meets a charming, young Hearing man named Link and finds herself drawn to him and his own complicated story. She can’t help but be drawn to his side as she tries to trust him with her heart.

All the while, ghosts from her family’s past start to weave their way into her life, trying to destroy what three generations’ worth of forgiveness and love have tried to redeem. Will she overcome the darkness to continue seeking forgiveness? Will she help Link to find his own road of forgiveness for his complicated past?

Anyway so if anyone has any advice or stories of their own publishing experiences (either through Amazon or somewhere else), please let me know. Thanks.