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Now that I have finished the 4giveness Series, I am moving on to a much more light-hearted and cute story called The College Girl’s Coiffetta: A Len Champagne Story. This one will have a sequel coming out later this year, but I wanted people to see one of my adult books. While not really anymore explicit in content than my last books (They are still clean, Christian books for the most part), the audience for this one is much more college-aged adults than teens. Here it is.

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The College Girl’s Coiffetta: A Len Champagne Story– When Korbel Len moves halfway across the globe to enter Hendon University in London, she has two goals in mind, to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and to form friendships to last a lifetime. Having been raised as the only child and benefactor of Len Estates in Napa Valley, Korbel has always struggled to make real friends. However, in meeting the eccentric art major, Cici Blackwood, she’ll find that and more. Still, life is never that simple, and when school drama and betrayal stand in the way of that picture-perfect world, what’s a 21st Century flapper girl to do but fight for it the only way she knows how. Utilizing charm, intelligence, and poise, Korbel Len won’t back down so easily.

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Eventually a sequel to this one will be released which discusses Korbel’s grandfather, Mahieu telling his story on how he met his wife during WWII in France. I do not have a cover yet for that one, but I am very excited to complete that story along with how excited I was in writing it. I hope you enjoy the Len Champage series of books, and thanks so much for the support.