The Final Book in the 4giveness Series

It’s finally here and complete. The last book in the 4giveness series, 2 Complic8d 4 You is available to read. Here’s about it.

2 Complic8d 4 You-Taking place 16 years after F8 of a Family, Evangeline Edwardson, one of Hope’s triplets, finds herself the odd daughter out. The only Deaf child, the only hemophiliac child, and the only child without prodigious intelligence and talents, Evangeline starts acting out, sleeping with random guys, skipping class, and sneaking into bars. Hope and Link have no idea how to handle her.

Then, a transfer student from Quebec named August joins her class, and Evangeline can’t ignore his kindness even if she tries. Can August’s friendship and love help remind Evangeline of her self-worth and true beauty? How will Evangeline’s family handle the underlying truth behind Evangeline’s actions? Can Evangeline follow in her family’s footsteps in seeking forgiveness and love? All this and more in the exciting conclusion to the 4giveness series.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Formats.

Paperback Version

Kindle Version

Other Books in the 4giveness Series

Finally 2gether (Book 1)

Paperback Version

Kindle Version

4ever a Father (Book 2)

Paperback Version

Kindle Version

F8 of a Family (Book 3)

Paperback Version

Kindle Version

Thank you so much for your support in checking these out and I hope you enjoy.


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